Connectable Chain Cobit -12pieces-

Connect, move and transform!  This is a novel building toy that brings limitless possibilities of play. 
Insert the ball into the slit, and you can make it move freely, for example twist and wiggle or rotate like a caterpillar!  Every time you play, you will discover new ways to stack, connect and move, expanding the world of play.  Intentionally designed to leave room for more potential of free play, the toy encourages children's rich imagination and creativity to the maximum.  Since there is no single answer or “completion”, you can experience the joy of inventing play freely, nurturing initiative and independence in a natural way.
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Connecting the toys require different movements from each hand which benefits not only small children but adults as fingertip training, thus the toys can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
The booklet included contains tips for parents on encouraging children's free play.  It introduces a wealth of information on children's unique ways of playing and how their minds grow as well as many great ideas on how parents and children can play together.