My First Blocks Tsumin -Natural-

Tsumin are simply designed to bring out the imagination in every child.
54 pieces, 40mm unit blocks.  Smoothly textured surface makes you want to touch them all the time.  The set includes many brick-shaped pieces that are ideal for stacking (rectangular blocks with standard thickness to width to length ratio of 1:2:4). 
This enables children to express their wide range of imagination.  The booklet included contains tips for parents on encouraging children's free play. 
It introduces a wealth of information on children's unique ways of playing, how their minds grow, and many great ideas on how parents and children can play together.
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The blocks are sorted by shape types so that children can easily learn to recognize the differences in shapes and sizes.  The included cloth mat can be useful to avoid the blocks slipping during stacking and minimize the noise while breaking down the blocks.